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Meet The My Holistic Wellness Team

Cynthia Santiago-Borbón

CEO + Founder

With over two decades of expertise in the mental health and wellness space, Cynthia Santiago-Borbón, a clinically trained therapist, healer, and Priestess of Obatala, trains other clinicians, transformational workers, coaches, leaders, healers, and wellness practitioners to reclaim their spirituality, their wisdom traditions, and their lives so that they can be the healers and the leaders that our world needs.

Cynthia’s multi-disciplinary, culturally informed, spiritual approach has always been deeply rooted in liberation, equity, and anti-oppression. She provides personal and professional development services including private coaching, clinical supervision, group coaching, workshops, and retreats for other clinicians, healers, leaders, transformational practitioners, wellness practitioners, and business owners who want to decolonize their work and businesses and ensure that they are not replicating harmful, oppressive practices within their lives, with their clients, and in their work.

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Spreading her message of collective liberation and devoted to the idea that every human being has the right to a great life that is filled with love, joy, fulfillment, and prosperity, Cynthia has been featured in numerous media outlets and organizations including USA Today, New York Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Women's Day, Bustle, Byrdie, NBC, Squarespace, Columbia University, and the NASW.


While Cynthia has formal training and certifications across numerous modalities and disciplines, she credits her powerful and transformative approach to healing, growth, and personal and entrepreneurial development to the wisdom of her African and Indigenous Ancestors and to the Orishas who have guided her journey.


Cynthia has a Master of Social Work from Fordham University, a B.A. from Hamilton College, and certifications across related fields.

Cynthia's Offerings: 

  • Holistic Clinical Supervision

  • Professional & Business Development Services

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Lydia Gordon

Therapist + Coach

Following her undergraduate studies in psychology, Lydia ventured into the start-up world at a health-tech startup and later joined a design agency with a social-impact focus. She eventually found her way back to her true passion of mental health and wellness.

Lydia’s anti-oppressive and inclusive approach welcomes clients from diverse backgrounds. She specializes in supporting those navigating difficult transition periods, those wanting to explore and embrace their various identities, and those hoping to improve their relationships. In her work with couples, she specializes in pre-baby counseling and interracial relationships. As an interracial adoptee (Black/Multiracial) raised by white parents, she possesses a unique perspective on adoption experiences and their impact on one's sense of self and security.

Lydia’s approach integrates talk therapy, movement, energy work, visualization, meditation, and writing. Infused with humor, creativity, and curiosity, her sessions are designed to facilitate profound self-discovery and acceptance. She believes that the full spectrum of human emotions is what makes us truly human, and her mission is to equip her clients with the tools to navigate and manage these emotions effectively, leading to a life of greater ease.

Lydia has a Master of Social Work from New York University, a B.A. from Middlebury college and certifications in Reiki, Meditation & Mindfulness, and Gottman Couples Counseling.

Lydia's Offerings: 

  • Individual Therapy

  • Couples Therapy 

  • 1:1 Coaching

  • Relationship Coaching

  • Distance Reiki Sessions

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